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Intraoral Camera

Providing you with a high quality in-depth look at your own teeth and dental health.

Our intraoral camera is a vital piece of equipment that allows you to see exactly what we see when your dentist examines your mouth.

This is a tiny handheld camera that looks a little like a pen and is used to take highly detailed images right inside your mouth. Each picture taken is saved into your file in the computer. Photos can be compared at a later date if required.

How Does an Intraoral Camera Benefit You?

The images taken by an intraoral camera are instantly displayed on the screen in the dental surgery. They allow your dentist to clearly explain any problems inside your mouth, for example if you have a failing filling or an infected gum.

It is hugely beneficial being able to see what is wrong, especially if a problem isn’t yet causing discomfort or pain or is something visible to the naked eye.

Gain a Better Understanding of Treatment Options

Once we have explained the problem we can talk to you about all possible treatment options and we will compose your customised treatment plan. We want you to fully understand how each treatment would help restore your dental health so you can make an informed choice about your dental care.

After treatment is completed, you can see firsthand the difference it has made to your tooth. This can be particularly striking when used to view an older style, silver coloured amalgam filling that is replaced by a nice, more cosmetically pleasing tooth coloured filling.

Learn About Your Dental Health

Our intraoral camera is extremely useful as an educational tool. Patient education is enormously important to us here at Bentham Dental, as understanding your dental health will help you to improve or maintain it. It is a great communication tool and is completely painless to use. We find most people are extremely interested to learn more about their dental health and questions are definitely encouraged.

A Greener and Quicker Way to Diagnose Dental Problems

We love technology that helps to preserve our environment and the images taken by an intraoral camera are environmentally friendly.

If necessary these images can be emailed to insurance companies or to a dental specialist, if a second opinion is needed.

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