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We are dedicated to improving your health, self-image and enjoyment of life through providing the highest quality, comprehensive dental care. We offer a full spectrum of procedures and treatments designed to meet your needs. We strive to provide our patients with premium services delivering exceptional results. Dentistry is continually evolving, and so are we.

Basic Restorative Procedures

Our basic restorative procedures are metal-free because we believe this is a healthier way to restore your teeth. The latest dental materials are extremely strong, durable and beautiful. Unlike metals these materials can mend your teeth in a more natural way. They are designed to closely mimic your natural tooth structure and will work in harmony with your tooth and with your gums. Using these materials allows us to preserve more of your natural tooth structure while restoring a damaged tooth to full function. Once your tooth is restored you can bite, chew and smile with the confidence of knowing your teeth look great and are strong and healthy once more.

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Dental Implants

When tooth loss occurs, a loss of bone density also occurs. Surrounding teeth begin to be affected as they start to drift, misalign, loosen and even fall out. Dental implants act as a tooth replacement by creating a restorative solution from the root to the crown. Visually indistinguishable from real teeth, they essentially replace the missing tooth. The implant fixture is embedded into the bone and begins to integrate, creating bone growth and improving bone density.

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Crowns and Bridges

Chipped or fractured teeth, broken down fillings, malformed teeth and other conditions can affect your smile. A crown can easily restore your appearance. Crowns are coverings that fit over your teeth, restoring each tooth to its normal shape and size, while both strengthening and improving its appearance. The crown fits right over the remaining tooth structure, covering the entire tooth right down to the gum margin, preventing bacteria from entering the tooth, protecting the tooth against further decay or infection. Bridges are partial versions of crowns.

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Latex-Free Dental Practice

At Bentham Dental, we take sensitivities towards latex products very seriously, especially since this problem is becoming more common. It is estimated that between 1% and 6% of the general population are sensitized towards latex. This percentage is higher for health care workers who are regularly exposed to latex. To ensure your treatment has no issues, we do not utilize latex in our clinic.

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Digital Dental X-Rays

Digital dental x-rays are also known as radiographs and are an essential part of any preventative dental care plan. We will regularly take digital dental x-rays to closely monitor your dental health and most healthy adults will only require a set of x-rays every two years. Children tend to require more frequent x-rays because their teeth and jaws are developing so rapidly. Your visits to Bentham Dental utilize safe, low-dose x-ray exposure, representing about 1/20 of the dosage you would receive from a few hours at the beach.

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Safe Amalgam Removal

All types of fillings need renewing periodically but we do need to take extra precautions when removing amalgams, a common older style of filling. This is because mercury vapour can be released when amalgam fillings are taken out which is why we follow a strict protocol to make sure you will not inhale any vapours. Once the amalgam is removed we will make sure it is correctly disposed of so it will not harm the environment.

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Quick and Painless Root Canals

Root canals are one of those things that patients often feel apprehensive about having, but the reality is that most people will find it no more uncomfortable than having a filling. Root canals are an excellent preservative dental treatment that can help save an infected tooth when the only other option would be to have it extracted.

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Laser Gum Therapy

Here at Bentham Dental, we’ve invested in up-to-date laser technology so we can provide you with the very best and most comfortable dental care. Laser dentistry quiet and is extremely useful when treating gum infections and when the space is too small for a drill.

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Intraoral Camera

Our intraoral camera is a vital piece of equipment because it allows you to see exactly what we see when our dentist examines your mouth. This is a tiny handheld camera looks a little like a pen and is used to take highly detailed images right inside your mouth. To keep you safe, it is fitted with a disposable cover that is freshly fitted for each patient.

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Oral Conscious Sedation

Oral conscious sedation can help people who find ongoing preventive dentistry hard to tolerate, lengthier treatment, or anyone delaying dental care because of anxiety or fear because the thought of seeing a dentist is a little overwhelming.

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Our patients say it best

“Dr. Betham and his staff are wonderful, caring people. I came to the office nervous and embarrassed by the state of my mouth. All the staff set me at ease. I now have my confidence back. I’m no longer hiding my smile! I will never be able to thank them enough for what they have done for me.”

Amanda Bowmaster

“From my first visit back in 1969, it was always obvious that Dr. Bentham took his tasks seriously, and cared for the comfort of his patients, even calling at end of day to make sure everything felt good. I’ve continued as his patient for my whole life, always appreciating his professionalism, and his drive to obtain perfect results.”

Mike French

“My husband and I have been patients of Dr. Bentham for over 30 years. In all that time we have found his work to be exceptional on all levels. In short, he is an outstanding dentist. He performs procedures with great skill and efficiency. His staff is outstanding in their professionalism, courtesy and friendliness.”

Donna Roberts

Why Bentham Dental?


Dr. Bentham and the entire staff of Bentham Dental make a commitment every day to deliver an exceptional standard of excellence to each and every patient.

Why Bentham Dental?

After Hours Care

At Bentham Dental, we’re passionate about making sure that patients can talk to a human at any time of day, so we have a 24-hour live answering service for emergencies. Just call (250) 492-2838.

Why Bentham Dental?

Personal Attention

As a patient of Bentham Dental, you are deeply valued and treated with individualized care. We even offer free transportation for seniors unable to drive themselves to the clinic.

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